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Finca La Lucita

El Carrizal, Luján de Cuyo

Location: district of El Carrizal, in the departament of Lujan de Cuyo.

Extension: 5 hectares

Planted: 2007

Soil profile

These soils are from alluvional origin presenting loamy characteristics with the presence of clay and, in certain specific areas, a good amount of chalk. There is a lot smaller river bedrocks that provide them with great drainage capacity. The depth of these soils is between 80 cms and 1.1 meters.

Our vines' root systems go down way beyond the 1.5 meters of depth allowing our plants to achieve very good growing conditions and keep a lot of nutrients for the beginning of budding season which ultimately translates into a vineyard that is very well balanced that achieve a very even phenolic ripeness.

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