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Finca La Esperanza

Las Pintadas, Tunuyán

Location: district of Las Pintadas, in the departament of Tunuyan, one of the three departments that conform the Valle de Uco.

Extension: 12 hectares

Planted: 2000

Soil profile

These soils are very deep (1.5 - 2 meters) mainly from alluvional origin presenting loam characteristics with some small areas of sand.

Even though these soils present medium to high drainage capacity with a great ability to retain water. This means that we have to take good care of the amount of water coming into the vineyard which tranlates into 2 or 3 irrigations for the whole season. The main objective is to start Spring with very good humidity in the soil so we can achive optimum buddinig of the vines. Afterwards, the main challenge is to properly manage our irrigation efforts since too much water can be translated into too much vine vigor, something we always want to avoid.

Due to the soil profile and how we manage water, the root system of our vines in this vineyards easily goes down to more than 2 meters of depth. Root systems that go that deep mean very good storage of nutrients for the budding of the vine, greater chance of getting more homogeneous plants, better flowering, ending with a more balanced and homogeneous vineyard in general.

On the fruit and wine side, all the above characteristics translate into wines of great complexity, intensity, and great natural acidity with a very characteristic floral component in the nose of the malbec of this vineyard.

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