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Finca Federico Villafañe

Altamira, La Consulta, San Carlos

Location: Altamira, district of La Consulta, in the departament of San Carlos, one of the three departments that conform the Valle de Uco.

Extension: 10 hectares

Planted: 1997

Soil profile

These soils come from alluvional origin with lime and sandy characteristics, presenting a lot of big, round, river bedrocks. These soils also present characteristics of "ocean floor" that can be noticed by the evident presence of active calcareous material attached to the all the rocks present in the soil profile. Even though these soils possess a great drainage capacity, and are not deep (30 - 40 cm), we have been able to make our vines "explore" down the soil to even more than 1.5 meters of depth thanks to amount of work and dedication in the proper manangement of key viticultural variables such as irrigation, fertilization, canopy management, and soil management being the most important ones.

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